Thursday, February 5, 2009

I'M WHAT?!!!

Well, It's been awhile since I last posted. Life has been crazy at the Fritsche house and it's about to get crazier. In about 7 months to be exact! Yep, there will be another baby added to our family at the end of September.

This was not planned, but we are very excited. It's taken us a couple of weeks to get to this point, but we're finally able to talk about it without breaking out into a cold sweat. You see, we thought we were done having babies and besides that, Addie is only 8 months old. How could I rob my baby of being the baby? I was on the pill and were certainly weren't trying. But, you know what they say about telling God your plans. We know that God is control and we are blessed to be able to bring another life into the world.

I guess I always wanted three, but after I had Addie I was convinced that two was enough. I already have my hands full as it is. I mean I'm trying to finish school, I work full time and I have two children that need my attention. But you know what, I just smile thinking of all the fun times we will have as a family of 5 or (6 counting Ali)! Wow that's weird to say! I just have to not worry about it and put in God's hands, because worrying isn't going to make anything any easier.

Besides finding out I'm pregnant, our house has been full of fun! Addie is pulling up on everything and cruising around the furniture! She loves to giggle and laugh (like all little girls) and even says "DaDa", and "ByeBye"! She is such a sweetheart. Noah is Mr. Smartypants these days. I swear that kid is so stinkin smart. He can count to 20, is learning his alphabet, knows his full name and everyone elses, can name any animal imaginable and loves money!

I love my babies and I pray that the new baby is as precious as these two!

Please pray for a happy and healthy 9 months for the newest Fritsche!

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christin said...

That is wonderful news! I know that your family will be so blessed with this new addition! Congratulations!